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Actress Vrushali Chavan Glamorous Photos.

Ankush Chaudhari's Deva is getting all the attention because of his unique style and poses in the film. The signature pose of Deva with a fisted raised hand is getting popular among public and celebs alike. At the trailer launch many celebratities tried the signature Deva pose. Here are the Photos.

Hampi's premiere was attended by cast, crew and many prominent celebrities from Marathi film fraternity on 16th November 2017 in Mumbai. Here are the amazing photos from the Premiere Night.

Recently Deva - Ek Atarangee Film launched its trailer. Lead Cast of Ankush Chaudhari, Tejaswini Pandit & Spruha Joshi were presentThe event was also graced by the cast and crew of the film. Producer Pradeep Chakravorty, creative producer Prateek Chakravorty, director Murali Nallappa, Music director Amitraj, lyricist Kshitij Patwardhan, art director Naushad Memon, Costumes designer Prianca Jhaveri, Sachin Gurav, Director of Choreography Vrushali Chavan and many more.

Marathi Film Dashakriya's Still Photos

Actor Ankush Chaudhari stars in and as Deva in this upcoming film Deva - Ek Atarangee. Ankush's look is the talk of the town ever since the film was announced. He sports a trimmed hair with hair lines cut on the left side, there is also a V cut on the back of the head. He wears colorful cloths and has a singatory celebration pose. MarathiCineyug.com got up-close with Deva to click his pose and hairstyle exclusive for our viewers.

Hampi film's Still Photos

Colors Marathi's Musical show 'Sur Nava Dhyas Nava' held a press conference recently to inroduce its team and singers. Maharashtra's favorite actress Tejashri Pradhan will be seen for the first time as the host of the show. National award winner singer Mahesh Kale, All-rounder artist Avadhoot Gupte and rockstar youth sensation Shalmali Kholgade will be seen as the judges of the musical show. Actor Pushkaraj Chirputkar will add the fun element in the mehefil of music. Through this grand musical show, 15 best singers of Maharashtra will compete against each other and it will be the show to remember for sure.

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As we celebrated Children's Day on 14th November, one question stil remains unanswered, Do we really preserve the childhood in current times? Many times we do not understand the children at all and many external elements are changing the mindsets of children, losing their innocence. Upcoming Marathi film Ghaat portrays a story of 2 kids, who have lost their childhood due to circumstances.

Marathi Entertainment industry’s Actress Pooja Purandare and Actor Vijay Andalkar got married yesterday. Vijay and Pooja’s family, relatives & friends were present at marriage ceremony.

Marathi Film Dhingana's Music and Trailer was launched yesterday in an event in Mumbai Yesterday. The event was attended by cast & Crew of the film, including producers Sameer Sadanand Patil, Sadanand Patil, director Chandrakant Dudhgaonkar, lead actors Priyadarshan Jadhav, Prajakta Hanamghar, Anshuman Vichare, Shahbaaz Khan and Kunickaa, Music director Shashank Powar and lyricist Jay Atre. All the artists shared their experience on the occasion.

What is the solution if someone with an idea deep down inside her mind feels that there is no love, magic or good people. We are nature's biggest mistake and is unsettled by the idea of falling in love. Prakash Kunte's Hampi shows a story of a girl in her twenties who is deeply hurt by her parents' divorce and goes on a trip to Hampi to find solace with her friend. Will she find true meaning of love and life in Hampi? read on our review of Hampi.

Marketed as delight for music lovers, Chhand Priticha is good as a standalone music album. But when it comes to the story and screenplay, the film falls flat on its face. Based on the 3 main characters of Shahir Satyavan, Lavani dancer Chandra and Dholki player Rajaram, the film revolves too much around the Tamasha genre that it fails to weave the actual thread of interpersonal relationships between these characters. Director N. Relekar depend to heavily on the 70's melodrama which did not work for current generation viewers.

When you decide to make a film on a Marathi comic book character Faster Fene created by B. R. Bhagwat, you are taking a huge risk and your adaptation will be compared with the original material. Writer Kshitij Patwardhan and director Aditya Sarpotdar has taken that risk and created a new age Faster Fene of 2017, who is still connected to its original book self. His ideologies are same about life and for solving a crime case, he uses the latest gadgets. The screen adaptation is very well polished to keep viewers glued to the screen all the time.

Life has become fast but the emotions have not picked up the pace andd this creates sweet chaos in life. That chaos of relationship is portrayed in the upcoming film What's Up Lagna. Emotions are beautifully bound through the songs and if the film has realistic and meaningful songs then that is icing on the cake. A romatic song Tu Jarashi Ye Urashi was released by the makers of What's Up Lagna which showcase the essence of Love through the beautiful lyrical collage of photos of lead pair Vaibhav Tatwawadi and Prarthana Behere.

Recently the Official Trailer of Marathi Film Dhingana was released in an event in Mumbai. The film is based on a chit fund scam, where the 4 villains rob innocent villagers of their hard earned money. 4 Prominent Bollywood actors play the 4 villain characters, who run the chit fund company. Now it is upto the hero to get that money back from the fraudsters.

Item songs can be elegant and mesmerizing if you choose right music, right occasion and right singers. Upcoming film Baban's item song "Mohrachya Daravar" is going to be watched and remembered for long time for the awesome voices of the best contemporary singers for these kind of song genres, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shalmali Kholgade. Both Sunidhi and Shalmali are singing together for the first time and that too in the Marathi film directed by National award winning Khwada fame director Bhaurao Karhade.

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New serial on Colors Marathi Radha PRem Rangi Rangli is strating from 24th November and generated huge curiosity about the new pairing of Veena Jagtap & Sachit Patil. The recently released title song of the serial also receiving overwhelming response from viewers on social media. The title song has received over 6 lac views on social media making it a biggest hit.

There is debate on the existence of Luck / Fortune / Kishmat / नशीब. Many people have different opinions about luck and due to these difference of opinions arises quarrels and misunderstandings. Many interesting and fun facts come out of these misunderstandings and that is what is showcased in an upcoming Marathi play Andaz Aapla Aapla. The play is produced by Ved Productions in association with Kiwi Productions.

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