Full Name:
Rasika Chavan | रसिका चव्हाण

Parents Names:
Nalini & Rajendra Chavan

Date and Place of Birth:
11th October 1994 at Kalyan

Height: 5'3"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brownish Black

Vital Stats:

Marital Status:

School: Captain Ravindra Madhav Oak High School, Kalyan
College: K.M. Agrawal College, Kalyan
Education: B.Sc. I.T. and now persuing MBA

First Break:
Marathi Film - Khwada (2015)

Rasika Chavan Khwada 01

Favorite Actor:
Dilip Prabhavalkar

Fovorite Actress:
Smita Patil

Favorite Color:
White and Royal Blue

Favorite Food:

Favorite Place:
Any Beach especially while sunrise or sunset (I can spend hours and hours near water)


Any Memorable experience of career:
Yes. Definitely I can't forget my first ever day of shoot on Khwada. Scene hota ki maza navra Bhausaheb Shinde shetat gelay bakrya gheun ani mi tyala bhaakri gheun jayla ushir hoto. Tyala khuup bhuk lagliye mhanun to mazyavar chidto. Oradto. Ani tyachya hatat aslelya kaathine mala 2-3 fatke maarto. Ha scene Kahi issues mule nahi add kela film madhe.
Yaa scene che technical issues mule total 8 takes zale. Ani pratyek take madhe 2-3 ase mi kimaan tya kharyaa kathiche 20 joraat fatke khaalle. Aai babancha maar mi kadhich khalla nahi tyamule Mazya lahaanpanaa pasunchi rahileli fatkyaanchi kasar bharun nighaali.

If not Actor then What you would have been?:

Message to Fans:
I am honestly very small to give any message to fans. But from my experience I can assuredly say "Dream Big, Get mad for your dreams so you automatically work hard for them and then success is all yours"

Career Bio in Brief:

Marathi Films
* 3 National Awards winner film 'Dashakriya' (2017)
* National award winner film 'Khwada' (2015)
* Upcoming film 'Kausa'

Marathi Plays
* Popat Harawleli Maansa
* Checkmate

Other Acting Credits
* Award winner short film 'Premaachi Goshta' and 3 more short films
* Hindi Documentary 'Meera'
* Hosting for many Marathi and Hindi shows

1. Singing (2 exams of Classical sangeet and 1 exam of Sugam sangeet)
2. Kathak (4 exams)

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