Movie: Premay Namah | प्रेमाय नमः
Director: Jagdish Watharkar
Producers: Uttam Chorade
Co-Producer: Vijay Shinde and Mahesh Joke
Studio: White Onion Entertainment
Cast: Devendra Chaugule, Rupali Krishnarao, Prachi Lalge, Surekha Kudchi, Prakash Dhotre, Bharat Daini, Gauri Makdum and Snehalraj
Story: K. Shashikant
Screenplay & Dialogues:
Music: K. Sandip Kumar and Chandrashekhar Janwade
Lyrics: Chandrashekhar Janwade
Singers: Shahzad, Pamela Jain
Choreographer: Kaladharan (HYD), Sangram Bhalkar, Kirti-Aviskar
DoP: Dhanaji Koya Yamkar
Sound Design:
Background Score:
DI Colorist:
VFX: Ashtavinayak Media & Entertainment (AME)
Associate Producers:
Action: N. Devraj (HYD)
Art Director:
Genre: Drama Love Story
Release Date: 3 March 2017


Prem (Devendra Chaugule) hails from a wealthy family who is naughty as well as strong believer in family values. His love for his family is his weakness. When he comes across Preeti (Rupali Krishnarao), it’s a love at first sight for him. Preeti does not respond to his advances, maybe with a feeling.. But destiny keeps bringing them face to face in a very playful and humorous manner and as both their families being good friends they too become friends. Unawares the friendship culminates into love. Both Prem and Preeti are madly in love with each other. Do I love you because you are beautiful Or are you beautiful because I love you. Destiny plays spoilsport this time as Prem witnesses some shocking truth during a family function. He is taken aback as It’s beyond his imagination. To make thing worse his lady love Preeti gives him few ultimatums making him feel "Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel!"

His loyalty oscillates between his love for Preeti and family duty. What ultimatum Preeti gives to Prem? What does Prem choose family or Preeti? Does family values outweigh true love? All these questions are answered in the movie Premay Namah!

It’s a love story with a difference with a tag line Let’s respect love! The film’s director is Jagdish Watharkar. It’s a matter of pride for the makers that for the first time in the history of Marathi film industry an entire song has been shot Underwater which is it’s USP.

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