Movie: Talav | तलाव
Director: Jaibhim Anant Kamble
Producers: Navneet Manohar Phondke, Mohan Bhagwan Jadhav
Studio: S.M.V. Films and Renu India Entertainment
Cast: Saurabh Gokhale, Priyanka Raut, Sanjay Khapre, Navneet Phondke and Varsha Pawar
Story: Jaibhim Anant Kamble
Screenplay & Dialogues: Jaibhim Anant Kamble
Music: Aashish Ambekar
Lyrics: Rahul Kale
Singers: Adarsh Shinde, Nandesh Umap, Mangesh Chavhan, Preeti Nimkar Joshi
Choreographer: Swapnil Pargaonkar, Vaibhav Vanjare
DoP: Pramod Shrivastav
Sound Design:
Background Score: Pinaki Roy
Editor: Ajit Devle
DI Colorist: Meghnath Labde
VFX: Pooja Mishra, Chandrasen Yadav, Chetan Gharat, Prasad Uchel
Associate Producers: Santosh Shrivastav
Art Director:
Makeup: Deva Sarkate
Genre: Drama Love Story
Release Date: 10 March 2017


Talaav’ is a story of an alluring love blossoming by the side of a lake that is shadowed by jealousy and greed. The core of this film revolves around passionate love between Siddhu who is on his way to progress and Kadambari who is a budding writer expecting to be make it big.

The obstinate, arrogant and puffed up character of Dhananjay Patil from the film has been portrayed by actor Sanjay Khapre with authentic representation of the bad guys from the society. The void created by loss of a naturally serene, transparent and alluring love from one’s life leaves only a unique poor taste. The film eminently depicts the tranquility and silence in human life akin to that of a lake.

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