Movie: Redu | रेडू
Director: Sagar Chhaya Vanjari
Producers: Navalkishor Sarda, Vidhi Kasliwal
Presenters: Landmarc Films 
Studio: Blink Motion Pitures, Naval Films

Shashank Shende as Tatu
Chhaya Kadam as Chhaya
Vinamra Babhal as Baban
Gauri Konge as Suman
Mrunmayi Arun Supal as Saru

Story, Screenplay & Dialogues: Sanjay Navgire
Malwani Dialogues: Chinmay Patankar
Music: Vijay Gawande
Lyrics: Guru Thakur, Vijay Gawande
Cinematography DoP: Mangesh Gadekar
Editor: Sagar Chhaya Vanjari
Background Score: Vijay Gawande
Sound Design: Piyush Shah
Sound Mixing:
DI: Prasad Film Labs
DI Colorist:
VFX:  Ameen Kazi
Creative Directors:
Executive Producers: Neha Gupta, Rupesh Jadhav
PR: Avadumber Entertainments
Art Director: Nilesh Gorakshe
Costumes: Paurnima Oak
Makeup: Shrikant Desai
Genre: Comedy Drama
Release Date: 18th May 2018

REDU is a story of TATU and his family, set in the mid 1970's. Tatu, a short tempered, irate middle-aged man living in a small village, is fascinated and curious to see a radio, a small portable transistor, for the first time in his life. Serendipitous circumstances allow him to possess a radio himself. The gadget makes his ordinary life full of excitement and fun. Tatu soon gets very attached to the radio, the newest member of his family. But nothing lasts forever. A sudden loss of the prized possession leaves Tatu disheartened and dejected. Refusing to accept this altered reality, Tatu embarks on a quest to reclaim what once belonged to him. Redu is a simple story of one man's life, love, values, and his will to go on, framed against the spectacular backdrop of rural Konkan.

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