Movie: Ashtavakra | अष्टवक्र
Director: Pradeep Salunke
Producers: Varunraj Salunke
Studio: Varunraj Productions

Vidyadhar Joshi as Baba
Mayuri Mandlik as Arundhati
Mangesh Giri as Ajay
Veena Arun as Meera
Harshada Bamne as Laxmi
Preeti Torne-Koli as Baby Akka
Poonam Chaudhari-Patil as Prison Superintendent

Story, Screenplay & Dialogues: Pradeep Salunke
Music: Chandrodaya Ghosh
Lyrics: Mayuri Mandlik
Singers: Sakar Apte and Rupali Moghe
Cinematography DoP: Vimal Mishra
Editor: Subodh Narkar
Background Score: Chandrodaya Ghosh
Sound Design:
Sound Mixing:
DI Colorist: Vaibhav Waman (Vikrant Studio)
VFX: Vishal Pimple
Assistant Directors: Dhanraj Kambli, Shamal Rokde, Aishwarya Haldankar
Executive Producers:
PR: Siba PR & Marketing
Art Director: Mahendra Raut
Genre: Social Drama
Release Date: 8th June 2018

‘Ashtavakra’ portrays nexus between System and criminals
Family and the society play an important part in molding a human being. Even the earliest human being started realizing the difference between him and other animals while staying as a group. However even today we find perverts and people who have lost mental balance in the society. We free ourselves after branding them in brief as criminals. However the question is whether these persons are criminals by birth and who brings them to this criminal world? And who inculcates this character in them. All these and similar aspects are going to be unfolded through the film ‘ASHTAVAKRA’. The film is going to be released across Maharashtra on the 8th June 2018. The entire responsibility of script, direction, screenplay and dialogues has been eminently held by Mr. Pradeep Salunke.

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