Box Office Collections

Sairat is breaking all box office records for the Marathi movies. Audience and critics are loving this movie. Sairat continued its good run at Box Office in the 2nd week too and broke all the records. In 11 days, Sairat has earned 41 crore.

In 2nd week, Sairat ran houseful everywhere in Maharsahtra, Gujrat, MP, Karnataka, Delhi and Kolkata. This effectively gave it an edge to go past Natsamrat, which previously held the record with 40 crore earnings at Box Office. Sairat broke Natsamrat’s record in only 11 days and collected 41 crore.

The experts believe that Sairat will collect 50 crore by the end of 2 weeks. Sairat collected 12 crore in first 3 days, 25 crore in 7 Days and now 41 crore in 11 days.

After tremendous response in first week, the number of screens had been increased to 460. There will 14 thousand shows of Sairat in 2nd Week, which is another record for a Marathi movie. That means it has 2000 shows every day. Congratulates Nagraj Manjule, Zee Studios and the whole Sairat Team for achieving such a tremendous feat.

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