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Sairat means running wild and that’s what it is doing at the Box Office. Sairat entered 3rd week and not at all slowing down. Sairat became the first Marathi movie to cross 50 crore mark. It has earned 55 crore till now.

Audience are loving this movie and going for repeat watch 3 – 4 times. The houseful board is still intact in many cinema halls. A tale of Epic Love of Archi and Parsha set in the rural setup with rural dialect is been loved not only by Marathi viewers, but also a hit among true movie lovers from all languages.

Sairat has become the highest grossing Marathi movie and have earned 55 crore till now. It beat Natsamrat which had collected 40 crore at Box office in 11 days. Nagraj Manjule directed Sairat is produced by Zee Studios and Aaatpat Productions and stars Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar in the lead roles.

Now it has to be seen what mark Sairat stop at or will it keep going and earn 100 crore?

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