Movie: Pipsi | पिप्सी
Director: Rohan Deshpande
Producers: Vidhi Kasliwal
Studio: Landmarc Films

Maithili Patwardhan as Chaani
Sahil Joshi as Balu
Ajay Jadhav as Maruti
Atul Mahale as Shankar
Abhilasha Patil as Kaveri
Pooja Nayak as Sangeeta

Story: Saurabh Bhave
Screenplay & Dialogues: Jyoti Chhetiya, Abhijit Saapare
Music: Debarpito Saha
Lyrics: Omkar Kulkarni
Cinematography DoP: Late Aviram Mishra
Editor: Mayur Hardas
Background Score:
Sound Design: Anita Kushwaha
Sound Mixing:
DI Colorist:
Assistant Directors:
Executive Producers: K. R. Mahadevan (Mohan)
Art Director: Madhukar Kamble
Costumes: Sayali Soman
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 27th July 2018

The adventures of eight-year-olds Chaani and Balu as they try to save a fish, believing its fate to be tied to Chaani's ailing mother, set in drought-stricken Maharashtra. Will they succeed in their pursuit?

In the backdrop of one of India's biggest environmental hazards that is quickly turning once fertile farmlands into arid wasteland, where suicide is evolving into a widely accepted cultural norm, as debt-ridden and famine-stricken farmers routinely kill themselves, two eight-year-old children try to make sense of life, death and disease as they try to save their precious fish. When a deconstruction of an article of faith coincides with yet another suicide in the village, Chaani and Balu are left trying to sift logic out of belief, fact out of fable

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