Review by: Ajay Kulye

Cinematographer turned director Atul Jagdale hits a Six with his first attempt at direction with Ganvesh. This film will reiterate the belief that in Marathi films ‘Content is the King’. Ganvesh is a simple story of a boy and his family’s struggle to get him a new uniform for the Independence Day speech, touches all the emotional chords. In this struggle to get School Uniform, the story also touches 2 important uniforms in our country, The Police Uniform and The Politician’s Uniform.

Marathi viewers always like the subjects close to their hearts and Ganvesh is one such subject, which we are familiar and close since our childhood. Ganvesh also shows the realism of modern India, where the economic freedom is still far from the grasps of low economic classes. The film showcases the Social, Political and Economic differences without sacrificing the entertainment factor.

The story of Ganvesh starts in a ZP school in a small village Tambhol in Taluka Akole District Ahmednagar. The school has a special visitor in state’s education minister on the occasion of Independence Day. Madhukar Suresh Udhale (Tanmay Mande) is selected for the Independence Day speech and teacher asks for a new uniform for all selected students. Madhukar has not seen a new uniform for couple of years and his current uniform is getting tight day-by-day. His parents work in a brick manufacturing unit hardly earning for the living. For them buying a new uniform is a distance dream.

His father Suresh (Kishor Kadam) and mother (Smita Tambe) promises him that they will get him the new uniform before 15th August. The story takes many twists and turns to buy the new uniform. In this journey Suresh meets PSI Meera Patil (Mukta barve) who has her own story of her Police uniform. The Education Minister (Dilip Prabhavalkar) believes on Karma to get the freedom, has his own political uniform in Khadi.

Will Suresh be able to fulfil a small dream of his son? How Meera’s and Minister’s stories will end? Is India’s freedom worth celebrating for? To get the answers do watch Ganvesh.

Ganvesh Still 02

The biggest asset of Ganvesh is its strong star cast. Each and every actor gives their level best to collectively deliver a powerhouse performance. Kishor Kadam and Smita Tambe portray the loving and incapacitated parents and these seasoned actors realistically enact their characters as usual. Mukta Barve’s police inspector and Dilip Prabhavalkar’s Minister add perfect balance to the overall proceeding of the story.

The star performance though comes from the little kid Tanmay Mande playing Madhya. Each and every frame of his makes you emotional. His character is the symbol of faith and hope. Guru Thakur, Ganesh Yadav and Nagesh Bhosle does their part well.

As mentioned earlier, Atul Jagdale shines in his debut movie as director. He has ensured that, he present a film with entertainment and social message. He also shines as the DoP showing the rural setup very realistically. The screenplay is perfectly balanced with the pace of the story and perfectly woven around the 3 uniforms and characters. Background score and sound design is top notch, especially the sounds of vehicles including the bicycle.

Both the songs are situational and touches all emotional chords. Little bit of editing was necessary in 2nd half, where the movie becomes too repetitive. 5-10 minutes of shortened length would have made it sharp. Overall the movie is sound in all technical departments.

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Ganvesh is finely made film, which touches all the right chords with the viewers. It is engaging, entertaining and socially awakening. It is a must watch film with friends and family specially kids.

Rating: 4/ 5

Movie: Ganvesh | गणवेश‬
Director: Atul Chandrakant Jagdale
Producer: Atul Chandrakant Jagdale (Vijayate Entertainment)
Co-Producer: Rajendra Kulkarni, Shailendra Gadekar, Sachin Deshmukh
Studio: Vijayate Entertainment, Eros International
Cast: Mukta Barve, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Kishor Kadam, Smita Tambe, Guru Thakur, Nagesh Bhosle, Ganesh Yadav & child artiste Tanmay Mande
Story, Screenplay & Dialogues: Tejash Ghadage
Music: Nihar Shembekar
Lyrics: Guru Thakur
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 24 June 2016
Duration: 130 Mins

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