Review by: Ajay Kulye

There is a simple formula for a superhit Hollywood Sci-Fi movie. Simplify the story, show excellent special effects and have a witty humour. Sujay’s Phuntroo has everything of these to top the excellent performances from the young actors and a soothing music.

Viacom 18 Motion Pictures presented ‘Poshter Girl’ is a laugh riot with a message. Though it gives couple of important social messages, director does ensure it is entertaining. Audiences are thoroughly entertained in a typical rural Maharashtrian setup of story.

The movie title ‘Bandh Nylonche’ itself is twisted from the original phrase ‘Bandh Reshamache’, which denotes that ‘relationships are like silk strands, very delicate’. So ‘Bandh Nylonche’ means that the relationships in the technologically advanced worlds are becoming artificial, selfish, deteriorating and fake.