Everyone loved Neha Mahajan in ‘Coffee ani Barach Kahi’, ‘Nilkanth Master’, ‘Ajoba’ and even ‘Siddhant’ and now she is all set to again win your hearts through the movie ‘Youth’. Presented by Victory Films and Produced by Sunder Seturaman, ‘Youth’ will hit the theatres on 3 June across Maharashtra.

Seems like Neha is quite impressed and inspired by the role she played in the movie. She plays the role of a college going girl named Yutika who is quite worldly wise. At the same time she is very loving, and also possesses leadership qualities.

The name of the movie might suggest that ‘Youth’ is all about fun and friendship. But, is youth only limited to that? Well, youth has a great power to bring out changes in society. And the same happens in the movie. The youngsters have to face severe issue, how they tackle it and what all changes follow in their lives is very sensitively depicted in Youth.

The movie highlights a social issue and also the kind of role offered to her were the reasons Neha immediately agreed to do this movie Youth. So, excited to see ‘Youth’ and Yutika??? Wait till 3 June for ‘Youth’ to release all over Maharashtra.

Neha Mahajan to Play Yutika in Youth 02

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