Marathi Film Ghantaa’s trailer is now 10 days old and already garnered more than 2.5 lakh views on Youtube. What’s so unusual and different in this trailer that it is being loved so much? MarathiCineyug.com observed and identified 5 best moments of the Ghantaa Trailer.

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1. The Starting Disclaimer

5 Best Moments of Ghantaa Trailer 01

Usually we get the disclaimer in the film, but this Ghantaa trailer has a disclaimer and it is recorded in the voice of Pushkar Shrotri. The disclaimer starts as usual but then spoofs towards the end. The makers do not care if there are any resemblance to any situations or person. This raises curiosity for what to expect in the trailer.

2. The Background Score

5 Best Moments of Ghantaa Trailer 02

The background score used to introduce the makers is so catchy and funny that audience will start grooving to the music. This tune is very youth oriented and is being loved by the young viewers. It keeps the same standard throughout the trailer.

3. Introduction of 3 friends

5 Best Moments of Ghantaa Trailer 03

The introduction of Ghantaa’s 3 lead characters are also on point. Raaj as Chamadi Saala (Amey), Umesh as Idiot Saala (Saksham) and Angad as Struggler Saala (Aroh). It gives a lead for the fun you are going to have in the rest of the trailer as well as in the film. 3 different characters played by equally versatile and young actors (read here newcomers) makes this a must watch movie. There funny dialogues and appearances make for a laugh riot.

4. Komal Bhabhi

5 Best Moments of Ghantaa Trailer 04

Komal Bhabhi (Anuja Sathe) is too hot to handle for Raaj and is she the reason for all the problems faced by our heroes? (or Zeros). This angle raises curiosity for viewers to watch the film for sure.

5. Complete Madness

5 Best Moments of Ghantaa Trailer 05

The total trailer is so hilarious starting from the disclaimer, intro of character, villains till the situations of kidnapping and bashing of the heroes (atleast seems from their faces) that you might think that you will die laughing. The situations and the villains like Chintya bhai and Dighya add the required spice to the story.

After watching the Trailer, the film promises to be a paisa vasool laugh riot and the viewers are enjoying it for its freshness of the comedy. Ghantaa is directed by debutant Shailesh Kale. This Ghantaa is worth a try when Ghantaa releases on 14 October all over Maharashtra.

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