Actor-Writer-Director Hemant Dhome is coming with his first directorial Marathi Film 'Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar' this Friday, on 3rd Feb. Hemant had conducted a unique contest with Ashtpailu (Twitter Id @Ashtpailu) in January, where he appealed people to express their opinions, memories, experiences; but only on topics provided by him. These topics were announced by him periodically in the form of hashtags. To encourage people, Hemant himself wrote at length on these topics using hashtags. Hemant gave a twist to the theme when instead of posting random material, he used this opportunity to bring his own life-stories to the light. Fans were in for the treat, but Hemant kept on bringing more surprises. 

The contest was in Marathi and to promote the langauge on social media platforms. 5 Out of 9 hashtags used were trended on social media. The Contest garnered more than 2 crore post /tweet reach. Few days back the winners of the contest were announced.

Hemant Dhome Contest

The winners' prize was a special screening of Hemant Dhome's directorial film 'Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar' and a discussion with him over a dinner. But these fans of Hemant were in awe when Poshter Girl Sonalee Kulkarni walked in at the screening. It was her surprise entry that further widened smile on the faces of all the winners, who were also fans of this beautiful actress. Both Sonalee and Hemant enjoyed the film with these winners, clicked photos and also had a fruitful discussion with each and every one of them over a delicious dinner, giving their fans memories for life.

Hemant Dhome Contest Winners Twitter

Hemant Dhome Contest Winners Facebook

Sonalee had played the title role of Poshter Girl, which was written by Hemant himself. She wished Hemant for the success of his directorial debut film 'Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar' making a biggest fan moment for herself as well as the winners. Such a contest and a screening was conducted for the first time in Marathi film Industry.

Photos of the Special Event

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Hemant Dhome Contest Winners Photo 01

Hemant Dhome Contest Winners Photo 02

Hemant Dhome Contest Winners Photo 03

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