Dubbing for a film is a challenging job because one has to go through all the emotions again, in order to get the feel right. And when you are dubbing for another artiste, the task becomes even more difficult. Actress Sanskruti Balgude experienced something similar recently.

The 'Sanngto Aika' actress was brought on board the film 'Rubik's Cube' by director Mahesh Manjrekar. She was asked to dub for actress Surabhi Bhosale as the latter was busy with exams and couldn't dub for her role.

Sharing her thoughts about the same, Sanskruti said, "Actually I am very scared of dubbing itself, because you have to act all over again for that. But voicing someone else was a lot more challenging. When you are dubbing for your character, you know how to speak and express, but syncing with someone else's expression and adding more value to it is something really tough."

Calling it a learning experience, the actress added, "Surabhi was busy with her exams and that's why I got this chance of dubbing. I am glad that Mahesh Manjrekar trusted me with it. Frankly speaking, I tried to match her emotions rather than trying to speak like her. No special preparation was done from my side, but understanding the character made my job easy and we could get the most out of it."

Sanskruti will also be seen in Manjrekar's next film titled 'FU - Friendship Unlimited' along with 'Sairat' actor Akash Thosar.

Sanskruti Balgude Dubs for Surabhi Bhosale Rubiks Cube 02

Rubik's Cube is produced by Avinash Ahaley and Mahesh Manjrekar under the Banner of Ahaley's Movie Magic & Mahesh Manjrekar Movies, in association with GB Entertainment. The film is written and directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. The film stars Gashmeer Mahajani, Mrunmayee Deshpande and Surabhi Bhosale in the lead roles, Pooja Muley, Siddhant, Mahesh Manjrekar, Medha Manjrekar and Aroh Welankar are in supporting roles.

Rubik's Cube will release on 14th April 2017 all over Maharashtra.

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