Marathi films are always known for its subjects and specially the social messages it carries. The upcoming Marathi revenge horror film Kanika will also explore the social horrors of female foeticide in a unique way. It is a first of its kind experiment to merge elements of entertainment, horror, thriller and social subject in one film, though the core of film will be revenge horror thriller.

In India, female foeticide is the serious social issue and girls are murdered in the womb itself. Even after the much needed nation-wide social awareness programs the situation is not improving. On this backdrop, Kanika will highlight these cruel social beasts of our society from the point of view of the doctors who carry out such heinous crimes.

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During the press conference Writer-Director Pushkar Manohar said, "Female Foeticide is a very sensitive subject and in Marathi films it has not been tried much. We have tried to express a different angle to this serious issue through our film Kanika. The film will be remebered as Marathi's first revenge horror film for sure and audience are going to love it."

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Actor Sharad Ponkshe in his usual hard-hitting style said, "Though Kanika is a horror film, it is going to hit hard the viewers with the social horrors as well. I play the central character in this film. I enjoyed working with director Pushkar Manohar and he has ensured that the film has high production and technical values. The film excels in the technical departments of background score and editing and such piece of art has to be better watched on big screens in theatres only. So do not miss this experience of horror and do watch it in theatres."

The cast of the film includes many talented artists including Smita Shewale, Sharad Ponkshe, Chaitrali Gupte, Kamlakar Satpute, Ananda Karekar, Falguni Rajani, Nilesh Bhere, Vandana Marathe and Kritina.

Kanika is produced by Sandeep Manohar under the bannner of Seven Wonders Motion Pictures and directed by Pushkar Manohar, who will be making his directorial debut. The film will not have any songs. Amey Nare has provided the background music, Cinematographer is Chandrashekhar Nagarkar and Kuldeep Mohan has done the editing.

Revenge Horror film Kanika will release on 31st March all over Maharashtra.

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