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Zee Studios' film is always the most awaited films as it has mass appeal. The makers, Zee Studios launched the trailer and music of their most awaited film Chi. Va Chi. Sau. Ka. yesterday. Film's cast Lalit Prabhakar, Mrinmayee Godbole, Pournima Talwalkar, Pradeep Joshi, Supriya Pathare, Sharmishtha Raut, Pushkar Lonarkar, writer - Director Paresh Mokashi, writer Madhugandha Kulkarni, Producer Nikhil Sane, Music director Narendra Bhide and singer Swanand Kirkire along with the other crew members were present for the launch event.

The Theme of the launch event was a wedding ceremony. The Shahnai live music was being played at the enterance of the hall. Guest were served with Pedha. The whole event hall and wedding decor with flowers everywhere. All the cast and crew members were wearing traditional Maharashtrian attire. The Event was hosted by talented comedian actor Bharat Ganeshpure.

Chi Va Chi Sau Ka Marathi Film Trailer Music Launch 02

Once a wise man said, "Life is far more interesting when love is imperfect." This wedding season, come fall in love with someone unique and not so perfect. Zee Studios is all set to bring you the roller-coaster ride of quirky courtship between Satyaprakash and Savitri in 'Chi. Va Chi. Sau. Ka.' directed by National award winning director Paresh Mokashi on 19th May 2017. It will be an exquisite treat for the entire family.

Chi Va Chi Sau Ka Marathi Film Trailer Music Launch 03

The film tells the story of protagonist Satyprakash and Savitri portrayed by Lalit Prabhakar and Mrinmayee Godbole respectively. Both are in completely opposite profession and 100% committed to their work. what happens when a marriage is arranged between these 2 opposite poles of the earth. You better watch in theatres.

Chi Va Chi Sau Ka Marathi Film Trailer Music Launch 04

Narendra Bhide has composed the music for the film. A chirpy Chi. Va. Chi. Sau. Ka. an acappella song is sung by multi-talented Swanand Kirkire penned by Paresh Mokashi. Acappella is a vocal music performed by one or more singers, without instrumental accompaniment. 'Man He' is an engaging melody sung by distinugued singer Shreya Ghoshal and Swapnil Bandodkar penned by Paresh Mokashi.

Listen both the songs Click Here

Watch the Trailer Here

Soon we will bring to you the photos from the Music and Trailer Launch event

Chi Va Chi Sau Ka releases on 19th May 2017 in theatres near you.

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