Now we all know, some of the big names from the Bollywood are associated with martial arts, but the Marathi actors are not lagging behind anymore. You won't believe this Marathi actress also possess some serious fighting skills. Yes, the leading lady from the film Chi. Va Chi. Sau. Ka., Mrinmayee Godbole learnt Kung Fu & this intense Kung Fu session was for the same film. We all will see Mrinmayee doing Kung Fu moves on the big screen in this film.

Sharing about her Kung Fu training Mrinmayee said, “So I have done Kalaripayattu in the past and I played basketball for almost ten years (also played on the national level). But I had never done Kung Fu! Lalit and I trained for Kung Fu for one month before we started shooting. I'm supposed to be a blue belt in the film. Though I joined the training sessions late but I made up for the time by practicing super hard and my past of kalari and basketball really helped me in catching up with Lalit. I learnt years’ worth of Kung Fu in just over a month so that I could look the part in the film."

"Our trainer Shrikant Sir made us do very difficult exercises, stretches and strict training. He would make us do push-ups on our knuckles so we had bruised, black and blue knuckles all through the shooting and the film! It was a very hectic and grueling process and he helped us during the shoot also. We also got hurt and hit each other a lot, not intentionally, but while shooting.” She added.

Now this is something you have not seen a Marathi Actress doing for the part in the film. Kudos to Mrinmayee and the makers of the film for showing the self-defence knowing female character, which is the need of the hour.

Watch Mrunmayee Godbole do her Kung Fu moves in 'Chi. Va Chi. Sau. Ka.' which releases on 19th May 2017 all over Maharashtra.

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