Actress Sonali Kulkarni has 2 elder brothers Sandeep and Sandesh and being the little girl in the family she always enjoyed celebrating the festival of Rakshabandhan.

Sonali talks about her brothers, "My borthers are my mentors. I had dedicated my first book 'SoKul' to them. And when my second book will be published, it will also be dedicated to them. They mean a world to me since my childhood till now."

About celebrating Rakshabandhan, Sonali said, "Sandeep stays abroad, so it is not possible for us to meet every Rakshabandhan. I send him an email stating when he will embrace his daughter Mahi, I will think I had tied the Rakhi on his hand."

Sonali Kulkarni Rakshabandhan

Sandesh Kulkarni, Sonali's elder brother is an established writer and actor. Their are fond memories of celebrating Rakshabandhan with Sandesh always. "Sandesh always meet me on Rakshabandhan. This year I am busy with a social work project in Pune. But I will complete that work and will meet him in Mumbai. Since I am busy with my acting assignments, Rakshabandhan happens in a jiffy. We have celebrated Rakshabandhan on a film set, at the airport and one year we both were so busy that I tied him Rakhi in a car." says Sonali.

Her brothers give her very beautiful gifts every year. She said, "Since I like reading a lot, Sandesh gives me a book every year. Many time his books give me the new perspectives to live life. Since I am a writer too, Sandeep gives me fountain pen, notepad, files etc as gifts which help me in writting."

MarathiCineyug.com wish Sonali, Sandesh, Sandeep and all our readers a Happy Rakshabandhan.

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