Nikhil Ranade is a very famous name in the world of fashion and wedding photography Industry. He is working as a professional photographer since 2010, but last couple of years had changed his life for good. Nikhil is busy developing his own production company and also producing & singing the Marathi single songs.

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He is popular for singing the Marathi single 'Ishara Tujha', which was released on Valentine's Day in 2017. The song was exclusively shot in London. This is the first Marathi single to be shot abroad (Outside India). The song features Nikhil Ranade and newcomer Priyanka Thakare Patil.

The song is composed by Rashmeen Mahagaonkar on the lyrics of Hrishikesh Nere. The music video is directed by Rajiv Ranade, who is Nikhil's elder brother. The Song depicts the journey of a couple from their first meeting till their marriage.

Watch Ishara Tujha

Nikhil had earlier produced a single song 'Yaar' and also an album 'Zhoka Tujha' sung by Savaniee Ravindra. He is in a process to release two music singles later this year. He is confident that the music lovers will give same praise to his upcoming singles as they had done with his earlier work. His productions company 'Nikhil Ranade Prodcution' will soon come up with Web-series and films too.

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Nikhil Ranade's earlier work as Singer and Producer

Watch Nikhil Ranade's song 'Yaar'

Savaniee Ravindra Sings for 'Zhoka Tujha'

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