Actor's life is very hardworking and they have to work continuously for 12 hours daily. They have to manage all their personal as well as professional life very meticulously. In all these long hours it is very important to have a hobby, which will give you mental pleasure. Colors Marathi's serial Saraswati fame Actress Titeeksha Tawde is one such actress who is fond of drawing. She carries her drawing book and colors along with her for shooting and whenever gets time draws her favorite pictures.

Her most favorite picture is of Lord Vitthala, which she thinks is favorite beacuse she was born on Ashadhi Ekadashi.

Titeeksha Tawde Hobby News

Here are Titeeksha's Drawings

Titeeksha Tawde Hobby 02

Titeeksha Tawde Hobby 03

Titeeksha Tawde Hobby 04

Titeeksha Tawde Hobby 05


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