In a very short time, Colors Marathi's serial 'Ghadge & Suun' has become popular among audience. The story and family values are getting praised by viewers. The central character of Amruta Ghadge is played by Bhagyashree Limaye. She represent today's young girls in her thinking and values and that's why her character is getting appreciated by viewers. She is very happy for the love and blessing, she is receiving from her fans.

Bhagyashree's relatives, close friends and her co-stars on set, lovingly call her Sonu. She likes to click photos and is very active on social media specially Facebook and Instagram. Bhagyashree is originally from Solapur and she completed her education in Pune. In College, Bhagyashree and her friends had a huge crush on Chinmay Udgirkar and she liked him a lot.

About her crush on Chinmay, Bhagyashree said, "I got very excited and happy, When I was chosen to work in the serial Ghadge & Suun. I got on cloud nine when I came to know that Chinmay will be paired opposite me. Now my friends tease me about that crush thing and feel happy about me. Chinmay is very good actor and he appreciates my acting in every scene."

All the actors enjoy working on the sets of the serial Ghadge & Suun and have lots of fun. In the evening they eat together from Mai means Sukanya Mone's tiffin box.

Bhagyashree Limaye Crush 02

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