Amrish Puri is the famous name for his various negative characters including Mogambo from Mister India and Bauji from DDLJ. So when his Grandson (Niece's Son) Anjaneya Sathe decided to pursue a career in the same industry, it was not shocking. But instead of acting, this 27 years old well built man decided to be a producer. Anjaneya Sathe is debuting as producer with a Marathi film 'Zindagi Virat'.

Anjaneya Sathe is from Maharashtra's cultural capital, Pune. His both parents are doctors, but he chose what came from his bloodline of Puris (his mother is Punjabi and father is Maharastrian), associate with films. He started his company 'Anjaneya Sathe Entertainment' and organised events for Arijit Singh in Pune. When a young man Sumit Sanghamitra came to him for narrating the film's story, he decided to make a Marathi film with one condition that Sumit himself should direct it.

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Anjaneya is a fearless orator and during Zindagi Virat's Music & Trailer Launch event, he proved that he is a producer with difference. He knows how to assemble the best team possible and does not shy away from difficult questions. Zindagi Virat's whole team including the acting and techincal teams have the exuberance of youth and talent with experience of veterans. He seems perfect with understanding people and extracting the best out of them.

About his debut as producer, Anjaneya Said, "I always wanted to produce a film for a long time. But wanted to make a perfect family film, which can be enjoyed with the whole family. Zindagi Virat's story is very interesting and entertaining. Though the film is based in a small village, it has the potential to attract viewers from all social standards and cities, towns & villages. We have made a clean film which do not have any negative character, villain or bad words. It is a perfect content film for Marathi audience."

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Summary of the film is as follows

Father is either a superhero or a supervillain for their children these days. In reality we forget to treat father as a human being and understand his emotions as he raises his children, sometimes with less connect than the mother. The sacrifies a father gives for his children are forgotten and he dies with the burden of many expectations & unfulfilled wishes. Zindagi Virat is the story of a son who is hell bent to fulfill the last wishes of his father. Zindagi Virat has the tagline of "Jaganyachi Baap Goshta" to suggests the celebration of life.

The film stars Kishor Kadam, Bhau Kadam, Om Bhutkar, Ninad Gore, Usha Naik, Atul Parchure, Tanvi Kulkarni and Sumit Sanghamitra. The film is produced by Anjaneya Sathe under the banner of Anjaneya Sathe Entertainment and written & directed by debutant Sumit Sanghamitra. Padmini Sisode is the executive producer.

Be ready to experience the celebration of life as Zindagi Virat releases on 29th September all over Maharashtra.

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