If you have seen the posters of Zindagi Virat, by now you know that Versatile actor Kishor Kadam is shown in a Virat Avatar, same like Lord Vishnu. Kishor Kadam can be seen in 6 different looks as a Postman, Watchman, fakir, rockstar, joker etc. This raises the curiosity about his character as well as the subject of the film. Read on to know more about it.

Kishor Kadam is famous for doing intense characters in films like Jogwa, Natrang, Partu and recently Ganvesh. But in Zindagi Virat, he is in completely different light-hearted role. He said about his role, "I play the father of the hero in this film and the story is about the father-son relationship. Zindagi Virat is an inspiring story and the characters are such that they will give you lots of energy. But why those characters are there? you have to go and watch the film in theatres."

Kishor Kadam also said that he has also danced in this film as a rockstar, so now you have more that one reason to watch the film in theatres. Zindagi Virat has the tagline of "Jaganyachi Baap Goshta" that suggests the celebration of life. The film is produced by Anjaneya Sathe under the banner of Anjaneya Sathe Entertainment and directed by debutant Sumit Sanghamitra.

The film stars Kishor Kadam along with Bhau Kadam, Om Bhutkar, Ninad Gore, Usha Naik, Atul Parchure, Tanvi Kulkarni and Sumit Sanghamitra.

Zindagi Virat is ready to release on 29th September all over Maharashtra.

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