According to you what is real richness? Having a big house, lots of money? But the initiative taken up by actress Ashvini Bhave will change your idea of richness. According to her, having a rich backyard full of vegetables, fruit and variety of flowers is the real richness!

Actress Ashvini Bhave started “The Green Door” campaign on her Facebook page in which she is posting one video every week showing plantations in the backyard of her home in US. Till now, she has posted 3 videos where she has shown apple trees and an enormous flower called Magnolia in her garden. She is uploading these videos under the campaign named “The Green Door”.

While talking about ‘The Green Door’ campaign she said, “People have different definitions of richness, but for me backyard full of apple trees is the real richness.” In this metropolitan life having our very own Kitchen garden is the rare thought that will come in our mind. But Ashvini Bhave made it possible and do-able while staying in United States.

The Green Door is receiving huge response from her fans and other audience as well. Exploring her own Kitchen garden will definitely encourage many people to start their own ‘green door’!

Here are few of the Videos and Photos

Ashvini Bhave Garden 01

Ashvini Bhave Garden 02

Ashvini Bhave Garden 03

Ashvini Bhave Garden 04

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