When the title of the film is Deva - Ek Atarangee, viewers can expect atarangee or innovative promotions of this film. The film released its poster at mid-night. Teaser was released at the hands of staff and technicians of Plaza theatre in Dadar. Now the atarangee Deva's teaser can be seen in ATMs too.

The makers have tied up with 200 ATMs in Maharashtra to show the 20 secs teaser of Deva. The film's teaser is getting liked on social media and now it is also available on a innovative platform through ATM. This is the first time for a film that a teaser is being shown in the ATM.

ATM Showing the screen of Deva - Ek Atarangee

Deva Ankush Chaudhari Now in ATMs 02

Ankush Chaudhari has always tried to portray different characters and looks in his every film. With Deva - Ek Ataranngee, he will be seen in never before seen hair style and look. He is accompanied by actress Tejaswini Pandit who is playing an author named Maya.

Deva is directed by Murali Nallappa. The film is produced by Pradeep Chakravorty under the banner of Innovative Films in association with Pramod Films. The film also stars Dr. Mohan Agashe, Vaibhav Mangale, Pandharinath Kamble and Mayur Pawar.

'Deva - Ek Atarangee' releases on 1st December 2017 all over Maharashtra.

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