We regularly hear about news of actors' accidents on the sets of a film. Many of these accidents are minor but some are major and can halt the whole shooting for few days or sometimes months. A major accident had happened on the sets of upcoming Marathi film Gachchi with actor Abhay Mahajan.

As per the title Gachchi, most of the film's shoot took place on a building terrace. Abhay was in a scene with actress Priya Bapat, when he lost his balance. His head and face hit the terrace ralling wall. It happened in a moment and the impact was so hard that Abhay had a deep cut on his forehead and bruises on his face. The wound had to be sutured.

It was just the 3rd day of the shooting of the film and the whole crew got stunned with the accident. They could not have continued with the shoot as Abhay was wrapped in bandage. But Abhay decided that "the show must go on". He had to go through the plastic surgery procedure to remove the wound mark and joined back soon for the shoot. Salute to the dedication of this actor.

Accident on Sets of Gachchi Abhay Mahajan 02

'Gachchi' is produced by Nitin Vaidya Productions and presented by Vidhi Kasliwal under the banner of Landmarc Films. The film is directed by Nachiket Samant and stars Abhay Mahajan and Priya Bapat in lead roles.

Gachchi releases on 22nd December 2017 all over Maharashtra.

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