Last few years Marathi actress Tejaswini Pandit is associated with Mamata Foundation which looks after the Kids with HIV infections. It is the only institution in India which is the home for HIV infected children. 3 Women work really hard for Mamata foundation. Tejaswini Pandit celebrated Children's Day with these kids at Mamata Foundation.

Tejaswini is working for Mamata foundation for last few years. Not only financially but she always volunteers for any kind of work for the institution. She visits the foundation often by taking time out of her busy schedules. She watches films with these kids, takes them out for lunch and shopping. She is doing this social work without any media attention. But this year she felt the need to bring her work and the foundation's work in media's attention. She celebrated Chirdren's Day with these kids at Mamata foundation and made a small video clip wishing everyone "Happy Children's Day"

About her work Tejaswini Said, "I did not wanted to show off my social work in media and I never liked that. But many people told me to bring this noble work infront of the people, so this time we made a video clip of these children. Mamata Foundation is the only such institution which provide home to HIV infected children. A couple runs this organisation on their own. On the occasion of Children's Day, I urge people to come forward to help these kids by donations to Mamata Foundation. I will be happy if I could be the part of these kids journey for a better life."

By this selfless act of social work, Tejaswini Pandit made sure that the Children's Day will be special for these kids as well as for herself.


Tejaswini Pandit Mamata Foundation Children Day 02

Tejaswini Pandit Mamata Foundation Children Day 03

Tejaswini Pandit Mamata Foundation Children Day 04

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