Actor Aroh Welankar, famous for his portrayal in Marathi film Rege, has tied the knot with a long-time best friend Ankita Shingvi in a destination wedding at Mahabaleshwar yesterday. The wedding was spread across 2 days, on Sunday the Kumkum and Sangeet was held, whereas on Monday, 11th December, both lovebirds got married in a Marwadi and Maharashtrian rituals. The wedding was attended by family and friends of both Aroh and Ankita.

On Chilly Sunday evening the environment was made hot with the dance performances from both sides of bride and groom. Both Aroh and Ankita performed on their life story. You can watch their performance - click here.

The Wedding was a traditional Marwadi and Maharashtrian affair, which mostly concentrated on the true meaning of marriage and the promises both bride and groom has to upheld in their married life together. The reception will be held in Pune and Mumbai.

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The Love Story:

Aroh met Ankita in MIT college in Pune during their engineering course. Both became best friends during their college days and know each other for the past 8 years. Infact Ankita used to help Aroh with his engineering assignments as he would be busy in his plays. Ankita is a computer engineer and Aroh is a mechanical engineer.

They became so good friends that they could not live without each other. Ankita is a Marwadi, so initially both their families resisted, but eventually agreed for the marriage. Aroh & Ankita got engaged on 1st July 2017.

Aroh Welankar became famous with his first film Rege, where he played the central character of Aniruddha Rege. Later he acted in a Marathi film Ghantaa with Amey Wagh and Saksham Kulkarni. He was recently seen in Zee Yuva’s serial Prem He.

MarathiCineyug.com congratulates both Aroh and Ankita on their wedding and wish them happy & blissful married life.

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