Since the trailer of Aapla Manus was launched, their is huge curiosity about the film. The film is a family thriller and suspense drama of "Who-done-it". Lead actor and producer Nana Patekar in the interview at the trailer launch said that, there is a big surprise in the film. He had kept insisting that the big surprise will shock audience, as he is doing this for the first time in Aapla Manus. Since we could not hold on this suspense, we started digging deep through our detective lens and tried to find out the big surprise ourselves. Red Alert: Spoiler ahead and if you don't want to read, please close this article immediately.

But before we predict the surprise for you, please watch the trailer of Aapla Manus once again.
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Aapla Manus is adapted from an experimental Marathi Play 'Katkon Trikon (काटकोण त्रिकोण)' written by Vivek Bele. The play has 4 central characters and the police inspector's character is played by versatile actor Dr. Mohan Agashe. He also plays the role of the father of the man, who is the prime suspect. So in the play Dr. Mohan Agashe had played double role of Aaba and Inspector. So if the play has been adapted on these lines, then we predict,  Nana Patekar will be seen in a double role too in 'Aapla Manus'. This will be a big surprise for audience as Nana has not played a double role in his entire acting career.

Aapla Manus releases on 9th February all over Maharashtra, so do watch it in theatres near you.



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