Raakshas is the most awaited Marathi film because of the unique title and the first time pairing of Sai Tamhankar and Sharad Kelkar. The film's trailer is getting liked by viewers and raises curiosity about the film. The film is also a mixed genre Thriller Suspense Fantansy drama filled with lots of twists and turns. You can understand the basic plot by watching the trailer. MarathiCineyug.com throw more details about the storyline of Raakshas.

The trailer is spine-chilling and gives you goosebumps while watching. The quest of a daughter to find her lost father in the remote forest will get fulfilled when the reality and fantasy come together to unfold an ancient tribal myth. The opening scene of the trailer suggests that their is a mythical jungle, which protects the mankind from harm from monsters. As you watch the trailer further, the story becomes more exciting and engaging. Raakshas looks like a must watch film for all Fantasy Thriller fans.

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Storyline of Raakshas:

Aru, an 8 year old girl spends most of her time reading fairy-tales. She lives in Mumbai with her parents. Her father, Avinash is making a documentary film covering the protest of a tribal village against a township project.

Once Aru accompanies her father to the tribal village for shoot. Here, she finds a fairytale book named, The Raakshas (Monster) and The Brave Princess. After reading the story, Aru starts believing that the monster really lives in the forest.

Raakshas Trailer Screen 01

Arun and Avinash return to Mumbai. But soon Avinash is again required to visit the tribe for a crucial meeting. Aru request her father not to visit the jungle. She fears that the monster might eat him. But in spite of Aru's warnings, Avinash leaves for the village and goes missing the very next day.

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Aru's mother Iravati arrives in tribal region in search of her husband. According to the fairy tale, only the princess can find the monster and rescue her father. Hence, Aru accompanies her mother in the search. The little girl now has to solve three riddles before a monster appears and rescue her father.

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Iravati carries an extensive search through conventional means while Aru does the same by referencing the plot of the fairytale. The quest gets fulfilled only when an ancient tribal myth unfolds.

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Raakshas releases on 23rd February 2018 all over Maharashtra.

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