Where Bigg Boss house is known for celebrities who are disconnected from the world, its difficult tasks, politics, mind games and the struggle for survival from evictions other most important component of this game is that all contestants in the house are also staying without their families. After winning the task last weekend Pushkar’s team was promised rewards and just when Pushkar Jog was waiting for the reward, his wife Jasmine surprised him in the Bigg Boss Marathi house along with their 6 months old daughter Felisha.

Bigg Boss being a house of full of surprises totally tipped Pushkar off his toes with this lovely surprise. Initially Jasmine conveyed to Pushkar that Bigg boss didn't allow of bringing the toddler but later to his surprise Felisha was in the house celebrating first Father’s Day. Seeing his daughter who he calls Gundima, Pushkar couldn’t content his happiness as he met her after two months and was missing her terribly. Jasmine comforted Pushkar saying the whole family is proud of him.

Pushkar has always backed the female contestants in the Bigg Boss house for which he was highly appreciated by the host Mahesh Manjarekar and now after Felisha and his wife’s visit, he has got the confidence of with-standing the game intellectually and with determined power.

All the Very best to the Ladies Man, Pushkar Jog

Here are some exclusive Photos of this Lovely family Pushkar, Jasmine and Felisha

Pushkar Jog Family Photo 02

Pushkar Jog Family Photo 03

Pushkar Jog Family Photo 04

Pushkar Jog Family Photo 01

Pushkar Jog Family Photo 05

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