Yesterday Actress Priya Bapat shared her first TVC photo and wrote an emotional post about her struggles to be cast in that advertisement. She wrote the post on Instagram and dedicated the struggle to Actress Sai Tamhankar for her upcoming film Love Sonia.

Priya Wrote, "So this one is about my first TVC (TVCommercial) I did at the age 17! After being rejected in exact 100 auditions😊. A girl born and brought up in a middle class family, living in a chawl, wanting to pursue her dreams.😊

I used to wear make up everyday, get dressed and travel in the train from Dadar-Andheri, take a bus & go to varsova, Just for one ad audition. Doing that all alone, at 17 without any guidance wasn’t easy for sure, but it made me stronger. It taught me patience & I started to value my family more.

Today after 15 years, 20 TVC and 10 films, my struggle has not ended yet. I still go for auditions. And there are times (rather many) that I still get rejected, but that’s life. No one can run away from that. We all fight everyday #AgainstAllOdds to live the life we wish to live! .

This is for you @saietamhankar 💕 A 17 year old is a superhero in her own right! #lovesonia @lovesoniamovie

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