Sairat, a second movie by the Fandry director Nagraj Manjule, has been enjoying awesome response at the box office as it becomes the highest grossing Marathi movie in recent years. Not just that, it has also been getting some rave reviews and is being appreciated in all critical circles. At the 63rd National Awards, Sairat’s female lead Rinku Rajguru has been honoured with a special mention for her portrayal of a feisty village belle who rebels against the society.

Well, this is a big moment for the 15-year-old has this is a debut movie. In Sairat, she plays Archie who is pretty unconventional for a small town girl. She fights all odds to be with her love and defies society to stand her ground. She has effectively done justice to her role and therefore she deserves this win.

Sairat has garnered around Rs 12.1 crores on its first weekend. Both masses and critics have loved the movie.

MarathiCineyug.com Congratulates Rinku Rajguru, Nagraj Manjule & Team of Sairat and All the National Award Winners

Rinku Rajguru Receives Special Mention National Award Sairat

Photo Courtesy: Indian Express

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