We have seen so many Hollywood movies based on Sci-Fi genre, which become successful into a trilogy and more. There are so many franchisees (which have more than 3 parts) in Hollywood like Mad Max, Marvel Superhero Universe, Harry Potter Series, Matrix, Star Wars and countless many more.

Few days back a Love Story Tafeta’s poster was launched by evergreen actress Varsha Usgaonkar. The story of the movie is little different as its title. It is a love story, which slowly unwind the relations and makes emotional bonds.

The most awaited movie of the century, Baahubali 2’s release date is announced. Why did Kattapa kill Baahubali? was the most trended question in 2015 and the wait for the answer will continue in 2016 too.

‘Tik Tik Vajate’ fame Sayali Pankaj has been ruling over millions of heart by her melodious voice. Most of the super hit Marathi romantic songs like Tik Tik Vajate (Duniyadari), Jara Jara Diwanapan (Pyarwali Love Story), Prem Rutu (Mr. & MRs. Sadachari) and many more are sung by Sayali Pankaj.

‘Poshter Girl’ releases on 12 February 2016 all over Maharashtra. There is so much buzz about the film throughout Maharashtra that, the pre-release predictions are ‘Poshter Girl’ is going to be the big hit.