Outdoor locations play an important part in today's film-making process. Marathi film makers are exploring new locations to shoot their films and also give a realistic look for their story-telling. If you have seen the trailer of upcoming Marathi film Zindagi Virat, you might have noticed the scenic beauty of the locations the film has been shot on. Some of our viewers might want to know where exactly the film was shot? or which is this location?

In a very short time, Colors Marathi's serial 'Ghadge & Suun' has become popular among audience. The story and family values are getting praised by viewers. The central character of Amruta Ghadge is played by Bhagyashree Limaye. She represent today's young girls in her thinking and values and that's why her character is getting appreciated by viewers. She is very happy for the love and blessing, she is receiving from her fans.

Marathi film Anaan which releases on 22nd September, is a mystical love story, never seen before in Marathi films. The film is about a different kind of love. The film has many characters and artists portraying those characters. Let's introduce each and every character.

Actor's life is very hardworking and they have to work continuously for 12 hours daily. They have to manage all their personal as well as professional life very meticulously. In all these long hours it is very important to have a hobby, which will give you mental pleasure. Colors Marathi's serial Saraswati fame Actress Titeeksha Tawde is one such actress who is fond of drawing. She carries her drawing book and colors along with her for shooting and whenever gets time draws her favorite pictures.

Vishal Devrukhkar directed Marathi film Boyz has created a lot of noise with its housefull boards and box office collections in entire Maharashtra. Produced by Lalasaheb Shinde and Rajendra Shinde under the banner of Supreme Motion Pictures, the film had been made superhit by the youngsters thronging the cinema halls and enjoying the quirky comedy film. Yesterday night, The makers had arranged a grand success party to celebrate the success of the film. The entire team of Boys along with special guest Sachin Pilgaonkar thanked the audience for making it a huge success.

Poorvi Bhave is best known as an Anchor, as an Actor and also as a dancer. She dreamt of becoming an actor since her childhood days. She belongs to an artistic family as her mother is a singer. Instead of singing she chose to learn Classical Dance and took proper training in Bharatnatyam from Dr. Sandhya Purecha, a very well - known Bharatanatyam mentor.