A good career is a long lasting career, thus to have a good career one has to follow it lifelong. Wherever you go whether it is a marriage ceremony or any engagements, even in casual get together or smaller ceremonies we get to face one integral question, ‘What’s going on?’ ‘What are your career plans?’ and many such related questions are answered by the young generation today. To keep oneself updated and to be away from such questions, this generation has dedicated itself to this competitive world. This generation has led itself in a different world by moving out of all such relative relationships. The movie Mr. & Mrs. Unwanted is a representation of a somewhat similar couple.

Sai Tamhankar has always been Marathi Cinema’s diva and the leading actress who rules over zillions of hearts, but in her upcoming film, the angelic beauty goes de-glam for her character ‘Parnarekha’ from film YZ. Sai stunned everyone at the trailer launch of YZ, she was looking ravishing and smoking hot. She also clicked picture with her YZ Co-star Mukta Barve and uploaded on the social media platforms.

इरॉस इंटरनॅशनलच्या क्रिशिका लुल्ला,रवी जाधव निर्मित आणि प्रकाश कुंटे दिग्दर्शित '& जरा हटके' या चित्रपटात लवकरच आपल्याला काहीतरी हटके पाहायला मिळणार आहे. बरं आता ते हटके काय असेल ? तर ती हटके गोष्ट अशी आहे की या मध्ये आपल्याला मराठी सोबत बंगाली भाषेची गोडी सुद्धा अनुभवता येणार आहे, आणि हे पात्र रंगवणार आहेत ते हिंदी सिनेमासृष्टी मधील 'इंद्रनील सेनगुप्ता'. पहिल्यांदाच '& जरा हटके ' च्या निमित्ताने 'इंद्रनील सेनगुप्ता मराठीमध्ये पदार्पण करत असून या चित्रपटामध्ये त्यांची भूमिका सुद्धा तशी हटकेच आहे.

Many a times a film has a guest appearance by a superstar, which is only revealed when the movie is about to be released. This star power gives the film a real kick and boost its chances for the better show at the box office. Samit Kakkad directed Half Ticket is the most awaited film of July 2016 and the makers also gave a Full Surprise during their promotions in 'Chala Hava Yeu Dya'. Ankush Chaudhari is playing a guest appearance in the film, which has all new faces in lead roles.

सध्या मराठी चित्रपटसृष्टीत अनेक उदयोन्मुख नायक नायिकांना सुगीचे दिवस आले आहे. नवीन विषय आणि चेहऱ्यांना घेऊन चित्रपट बनवण्याऱ्या होतकरू दिग्दर्शक आणि निर्मात्यांमुळे आज अनेक तरुण कलाकारांना मराठी चित्रपटसृष्टी खुणावत आहे. इरॉस इंटरनॅशनल च्या क्रीशिका लुल्ला प्रस्तुत आणि दिग्दर्शक रवी जाधव निर्मित '& जरा हटके' या चित्रपटामार्फत प्रेक्षकांसमोर येणारी शिवानी रांगोळे हे नाव देखील त्यातलेच एक म्हणावे लागेल. दिसायला अल्लड, अवखळ आणि तितकीच चुलबुली असणाऱ्या शिवानीला आपण लवकरच '& जरा हटके' या चित्रपटातून पाहणार आहोत.

Nanubhai Jaisinghani of Video Palace is just not a producer but also a visionary. He knows better how to promote his film. So when it came to his upcoming movie Half Ticket, he chose to promote it through 10 lakh wafer packets. Half Ticket is directed by young & talented director Samit Kakkad.