Zee Marathi Serial Tujhyat Jiv Rangala became famous in very short time due to the rooted characters of Rana and Anjali. Both the lead pair of Hardeek Joshi and Akshaya Deodhar became very popular in rural as well as urban areas of Maharashtra. MarathiCineyug.com presents some unknown interesting facts about the Anjali Madam aka actress Akshaya Deodhar.

Mandar Cholkar is famously known as a poet-minded lyricist in Marathi film Industry. But now he is seen in a completely different role. Till today Mandar has penned numerous film songs and serial title tracks. But now lyricist Mandar is writing for 'Sargam'.

"Story is the hero of the film" has been proved time and again by Marathi films. Many new production houses are entering into Marathi Film Industry with the same motto. 'Sai Nakshatra Production' will be the newest addition to this list of new production houses. Producer Ajitkumar Dhule recently announced their first film titled 'Jalu' under the banner Sai Nakshatra Production. Jalu means Leech.

Every artist in entertainment industry dreams of working with a world class film production company. It is easy sometimes for actors to get such opportunities to work in Hollywood films, but not so easy for the singers. But sometimes dreams do come true and same has happened with our very own Marathi Singer Madhurra Kumbhar.