If you have seen the posters of Zindagi Virat, by now you know that Versatile actor Kishor Kadam is shown in a Virat Avatar, same like Lord Vishnu. Kishor Kadam can be seen in 6 different looks as a Postman, Watchman, fakir, rockstar, joker etc. This raises the curiosity about his character as well as the subject of the film. Read on to know more about it.

Upcoming Marathi film Zindagi Virat is in news for assembling the right mix of youth and experience in their every departments, be it music, technical, production or acting. The casting is done in such a way that, there is a right balance of veteran actors and young as well as debutants. The film which looks balanced in every possible way hits theatres on this Friday and there is an excitement and curiosity among viewers for it's release.

Amrish Puri is the famous name for his various negative characters including Mogambo from Mister India and Bauji from DDLJ. So when his Grandson (Niece's Son) Anjaneya Sathe decided to pursue a career in the same industry, it was not shocking. But instead of acting, this 27 years old well built man decided to be a producer. Anjaneya Sathe is debuting as producer with a Marathi film 'Zindagi Virat'.

The mix of youth and experience always brings new perspective on the table and when it is a film setup, then that perspective might create something out of the box. The same thing can be said about Zindagi Virat's Music Team, which consists of young music directors Suraj & Dhiraj Shinde and the experienced singers and lyricist. The product which comes out of this union are 3 beautiful chart-buster songs.

What will happen when 2 heavyweight actors work together in a film?
Obviously it will become super-heavyweight film :-)
That's what is exactly happening with upcoming Marathi film Zindagi Virat. Famous for portraying intense characters, Actor Kishor Kadam and famous for his perfect comic timing, comedian Bhau Kadam, 2 heavyweight actors in their own category will work together for the first time in 'Zindagi Virat'.