Frooty from famous serial Sonpari is now a beautiful young girl named Tanvi Hegde. She has been doing several Marathi and Hindi films. Now she is ready to work opposite this handsome young man Siddhant More in the upcoming film SHIVA. Let's Know more about both of them.

Every day is a special day for every kid, but 14th November is the most special as it is celebrated as Children's Day. All the chidren are special but their are more special kids, who are differently abled. To make these kids and their parents happy by spending a day with them is a special feeling. Marathi serial Phulpakharu fame actress Hruta Durgule spent a Sunday morning with these special kids of Divyang Kala Kedra at Abhinay Katta, Thane and made sure that she became the reason for spreading the happiness.

Last few years Marathi actress Tejaswini Pandit is associated with Mamata Foundation which looks after the Kids with HIV infections. It is the only institution in India which is the home for HIV infected children. 3 Women work really hard for Mamata foundation. Tejaswini Pandit celebrated Children's Day with these kids at Mamata Foundation.

Childhood is like a flower and its rememberance is like the fragrance of the flower. Ankush Chaudhari aka Deva - Ek Atarangee celebrated the Children's Day with poor, orphan and needy kids on the top of a roofless bus 'Nilambari' and spread happiness. Children too enjoyed a lot with this Atarangee Deva. They had a bus ride on a scenic locations of Marine Drive in Mumbai.

We regularly hear about news of actors' accidents on the sets of a film. Many of these accidents are minor but some are major and can halt the whole shooting for few days or sometimes months. A major accident had happened on the sets of upcoming Marathi film Gachchi with actor Abhay Mahajan.

National award winning director Rajesh Mapuskar who also won three Marathi Filmfare awards for his Priyanka Chopra’s produced ‘Ventilator’ is set to direct a digital web series based on Manohar Malgaonkar’s book 'The men who killed Gandhi' which unveils the incidents and events happened during and post Gandhi’s assassination.