Marathi Actresses are climbing new heights of success every day. One such success story happened recently with Dancers and Actresses Manasi Naik and Bhargavi Chirmuley. Both of them walked the ramp as Show Stopper for designers Kavita and Shraddha Ojha.

Marathi actress Anuja Sathe, who is currently playing the role of an aspiring cricketer Dharaa in TV show 'Tamanna' on Star Plus, was part of the post-match presentation ceremony of the India-Bangladesh World Twenty-20 match in Bangalore on Wednesday. She gave away the Man of the Match award to Ravichandran Ashwin. The opportunity was provided by Star TV as the whole broadcast is part of Star TV Network.

Holi means colors, Holi means fun, Holi means madness, Holi means yummy food. With all these if you think Holi is complete, then you are wrong. With the music, masti, songs and dance, Holi isn’t complete. So here presents Top 5 Marathi Songs which have always been everyone’s favourite.

Every Festival is filled with fun and food. In Indian festivals a lot of importance is given to the food prepared accordingly to the season of the year to suit the metabolism. One such festival is Holi, where a typical Maharashtrian prepares a delicacy called as ‘Puran Poli’