Zee Marathi Serial 100 Days is becoming a case of jokes for the online community. The serial is neither a suspense thriller nor a seducing saga as advertised earlier. Its seems like a family drama? Even we cannot figure out what is the purpose of the serial, when their is no mystery. A woman, Rani Sardesai kills her husband in the very first episode and whatever rest follows is the coverup. It makes us ask one question to Zee Marathi, "What is exactly the genre of 100 days?"

PSI Ajay Thakur who is appointed to solve this case has no pending cases on his table. Still he is not shown collecting enough evidences to solve the case. Rani Sardesai's character is shown as seductress but their are no scenes which really arouses the viewers' curiosity. It seems it is heading towards the predictable end of Zee's earlier serial Ratris Khel Chale (though it too faltered at the end), which was wrapped up in a ziffy without revealing the whole truth.

100 Days Zee Marathi Serial 05

At a prime time of 10:30 pm for the mature audience, this serial is a waste of time. Why you need to show family drama in a serial which was advertised as crime suspense thriller etc etc. Zee Marathi had entertained viewers for many years now and they should not take them for granted with such content.

Audience Demand: Give 100 Days Case from PSI Ajay Thakur to Detective Asmita

Their is a joke circulating on the social media that the case of Dhananjay Sardesai Murder to be given to Detective Asmita, who will solve it in 3 episodes. but for audience's misfortune the serial Asmita is also wrapped up few days back. We hope that Asmita is hired by Dhananjay's sister, Mira and appears in a cameo role for the last week (6 episodes) of the serial to solve the mystery of the murders, logically (please).

P.S - Tejaswini Pandit and Adinath Kothare have tried their best acting skills, but the story and plot does not allow them to take the serial to the TRP charts.

Finally the serial will end on 17th Feb and New Serial Dil Dosti Dobara will replace it from 18th Feb.

100 Days Zee Marathi Serial 04

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