Maharastra's Adorable 'Shree' from Zee Marathi's Serial 'Honar Sunn Mi Ya Gharachi', Shashank Ketkar was keeping a low profile about his relationships. We all know that he married his co-star Tejashri Pradhan, but the marriage was short-lived. They divorced within couple of years. On Valentine's day, He shared one photo with a girl which is making the rounds of social media as everyone want to know who is the mystery girl with Shashank.

Shashank Ketkar commented on this issue “I wanted to share a photo and I did it. I even said what I wanted to about it. So now, I don’t want to say anything else about it.” “I don’t want to comment anything about this current issue. Artists have their personal space and it should be respected. I posted that photo two days before. We post our pictures with our friends even usually. So I think there is nothing like making it an issue.” added Shashank Ketkar.

According to Mumbai Times the girl with Shashank Ketkar is Priyanka Dhavale from Dombivali. When she was asked about the picture she answered- “Me and Shashank don’t want to comment anything about it.”

Well, whether it be true or not but we must say this was the most interesting topics on the lovers rightful day – Valentine’s Day.

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