This Marathi Actress has always been bold in her life and in her choice of roles in the films be it Marathi or Hindi. She has always portrayed strong female characters and never shyed away from an on-screen Kiss or a Bold Sex Scene. If you have guessed Sai Tamhankar, then you are right, we are talking about Sai only.

Recently Sai has posted a bikini clad photo taken at the beach of Goa at sunset holding a man's hand (Who seems her husband and photo clicker). The black bikini clad Sai though has not shown her face to the camera, we surely know that she wanted the candid moment to be captured at that pose only. She has captioned the photo with a simple one liner "Meanwhile in Goa !"

Sai has done many on-screen kiss and bold scenes, but this is the first time (Atleast that's what we are guessing) she has posted her personal life bold photo in bikini. Lets have a look at here on-screen Bikini Photos.

Sai Tamhankar Bikini Photo 01

Sai Tamhankar Bikini Photo 02

Sai Tamhankar Bikini Photo 03

Sai Tamhankar Bikini Photo 04

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