Shraddha Ojha is a celebrity stylist and fashion consultant working in Marathi and Hindi entertainment industry. We are seeing more and more Marathi celebrities wearing outfits designed / styled by Shraddha. Amruta Khanvilkar, Pooja Sawant, Mrunmayee Deshpande, Manasi Naik, Bhargavi Chirmuley, Raqesh Bapat and Pushkar Jog are the few celebs Shraddha has worked with.

Shraddha had also styled for Mrs Thane beauty contest. She had recently done an ad for Spice Jet & Yamaha and styled Pop Singer Badshah for his upcoming music video.

She started her journey last year with Marathi dance reality show 'Dholkichya Taalavar'. Currently she is working for Zee Marathi's serial Asmita as HOD - costumes and styling. met her to understand how her journey started as a fashion consultant and what her dreams in this career are.
Interviewed by: Ajay Kulye

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Here are the excerpts from the Interview. Tell us something about yourself.
Shraddha Ojha: I was born and brought up in Mumbai and did my schooling in Holy Cross Convent School and Graduation from Ruia College. I started as an assistant choreographer in Hindi/Marathi Industry. But one year back in June 2015, I started as a fashion consultant and since then working in this field. What are the basic necessities to become a fashion consultant?
Shraddha Ojha: There are no basic necessities as such. It’s always your fashion sense. I had always seen my dad wearing nice cloths and he always had that good sense for choosing right fabric, colors and texture for his cloths, so you can say that I am inspired by my dad and after joining fashion school all things fall in place. So it means your fashion sense and passion is driving you to become a fashion stylist, but how you started working in the entertainment industry?
Shraddha Ojha: I used to do a lot of fashion styling for my friends and their friends for office wear, party, Sangeet, engagement, wedding etc. I also used to work with fashion consultant on the grooming sessions. So that gave me experience, though it was all off camera. I started entertainment industry styling by designing cloths for the back dancers for Marathi reality dance show ‘Dholkichya Taalavar’. Choreographer Ashish Patil helped me in getting this assignment. Through contacts then I entered into celebrity styling and since then working with many celebrities. How did you get Marathi Serial Asmita on Zee Marathi?
Shraddha Ojha: That was also through a contact. They wanted a designer to change the look of the serial completely. I had meeting with them and after few look tests, which they liked, I was in. If you watch Asmita, you will notice the changes from the old episodes to now.

Shraddha Ojha Celebrity Stylist Fashion Consultant 02 How do you feel working with Entertainment Industry?
Shraddha Ojha: It’s like dream come true (smiles) and I always wanted to do that. I am not absolutely there, but moving towards what I wanted to do. Now comes the interesting question, which celeb is easy to style and which is the most difficult one?
Shraddha Ojha: (Smiles) actually I had not got any difficult ones as of now, but the easiest I would say are Pooja Sawant and Manasi Naik. They are darlings, they will never interfere in what I am doing. As and when they require me to style, they will just trust my fashion sense and due to that trust, whatever they wear turns out great. Tell us more about your experience in Marathi Entertainment Industry.
Shraddha Ojha: It’s been very nice and everyone is very supportive. It’s been only a year since I started and whatever I am is due to the support of all the persons I worked with, whether its director, producers, artists. Nobody gave me any trouble as such. How does it feel to get noticed?
Shraddha Ojha: (Smiles) it feels great. I don’t feel less than a star right now.

Shraddha Ojha Celebrity Stylist Fashion Consultant 04 How about styling Marathi male celebs like Siddharth Chandekar, Swwapnil Joshi or Ankush Chaudhari?
Shraddha Ojha: I am waiting to style them. I had styled Pushkar Jog and Raqesh Bapat and they are pretty cool. Guys are in fact easy to style as they don’t trouble you much. The heroes are always easy to style. The last question was actually pointing towards your future goals. What are your goals?
Shraddha Ojha: I want to make a famous name in fashion industry. I want to give a new name to fashion. According to me fashion is not only about glamorous cloths and we have to look very copy-paste every time. Even if you are wearing a simple jeans and a t-shirt, it should look classy and everyone should know that it is done by Shraddha. I want to Simplify Fashion. Who is your dream celebrity to style, anywhere in the world?
Shraddha Ojha: (Smiles) I always wanted to style Priyanka Chopra. She is a very tough and strong woman, the way she had started in the industry without any background and the way she has reached top. I want to style her, it’s like a dream. She is working in Hollywood right now and it’s like reaching stars. But I will work really hard to reach there. I am confident I will slowly reach my goals. So we come to the last question of this interview, what is your ultimate dream?
Shraddha Ojha: It’s the tough one. My ultimate dream is to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. I want to do a film where I will be doing all the costumes. thanks Shraddha for sharing her experience and goals with us and wish her all the best for her future plans and projects. Hope her dreams come true to work with Priyanka Chopra and Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Shraddha Ojha Celebrity Stylist Fashion Consultant 03

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