Tejaswi Patil play the role of Bhagwan Dada’s wife in the Biopic movie on his life ‘Ekk Albela’. The beautiful actress has till now always worked in a modern girl roles, so interviewed her on how she felt working in a period film essaying a house wife of legendary actor.

Interviewed by: Ajay Kulye

Here are the excerpts from the Interview. Tejaswi, tell us more about your role in Ekk Albela and how you got selected for this role?
Tejaswi Patil: I play Bhagwan Dada’s wife’s character in Ekk Albela. I was auditioned and look test happened first. I was among the 3 girls shortlisted. When I got a call from the production house that I am selected for the role, I called up Mangesh (He plays Bhagwan dada). He gave me confidence that my role is small but important as I will have presence throughout the film, though I will not be on his film sets of Albela. So that is how I got the role.

Though the role is of a house wife, she played very important role in Bhagwan dada’s career decisions, which you have to watch on big screen. Her confidence and love for Bhagwan dada can be seen through this film. I age from a married girl till the mid age.

Tejaswi Patil Interview 04 Did you work with Mangesh earlier?
Tejaswi Patil: Yes, we have lead roles in Rajwada, which is ready for release, but I don’t have any details when it will be released. Since I had worked with Mangesh earlier, I said yes to work in Ekk Albela. Being a Biopic, what are the special preparations, you had to go through?
Tejaswi Patil: See, I had already given look tests and I looked perfect for the role of a house wife in the 1940’s era. There is hardly any material available on Bhagwan Dada’s wife. So I trusted our director Shekhar sir for the character building. He narrated me the role in details and groomed me for the role. I give total credit to Shekhar sir for this role. Also the costumes and makeup department did fantastic job in building my character. How was your experience working for Ekk Albela?
Tejaswi Patil: Till now I have always portrayed modern girl roles, where I have to keep my hair open with nice makeup and outfits. This is a period film, so the look is completely different what I had done till now. I always wanted to portray a wife house, so I feel lucky and happy that I got to work in Ekk Albela. Vidyadhar Bhatte our makeup man gave me the unique look and I am really thankful to god that I got to work in this biopic. The overall experience was enriching, satisfying and enjoyed a lot.

Tejaswi Patil Interview 01 How was your experience working with Vidya Balan?
Tejaswi Patil: In those era, wives never interfered in Husband’s profession, so my character never meets Geeta Bali portrayed by Vidya Balan. So I have not shared screen with Vidyaji. I interacted with her only during the Music Launch event held recently and it was nice talking to her. This movie has got the star power because of her and people will come to theatres to watch her in a different role for sure. This movie has national exposure because of Vidyaji and her involvement in promotions will help the movie bring in national audience for sure. This is good for Marathi Cinema to get National exposure. What message you want to give to your fans and viewers for Ekk Albela?
Tejaswi Patil: A simple man from a humble Maharashtrian background aims to become something which is beyond his own capabilities. You should watch his struggle to success. So watch this movie for the struggles of life of Bhagwan Dada and I assure that you will fully get entertained. Do watch this movie in theaters only. Thanks Tejaswi for the interview and elaborating on her role and movie. We wish her luck and the film Ekk Albela lots of success. Ekk Albela releases on 24 June all over Maharashtra.

Tejaswi Patil Interview 03

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