This Friday, Anaan is ready to release in theatres. Anaan's director Rajesh Kushte is making his directorial debut with this feature length film. He has a healthy 15 years of Experience in Theatre, Television and Film industry. He has a versatile portfolio in diffefent languages. He had scripted and being an associate director for film 'Dabba Aispais'. He had been assistant director to many films including 'Samar Ek Sangharsha' directed by Atmaram Dharne, 'Bai Manus' directed by Arun Nalawade, 'Natrang' directed by Ravi Jadhav and 'Javai Majha Navasacha' directed by Nishikant Sadaphule. He had also worked on scripts of many films, serials.

Exrtract of the Interview with Director Rajesh Kushte.

How did your journey begin?

I was an assistant director for more than seven films and learnt the ropes of film making and when producer Hemant Bhatia narrated his story to me, I was hooked and agreed to direct the film and within a 30 day shoot in Nashik we completed the film and its set for release. I hope audience will like my film, as it will educate them while entertainment. 'Anaan' is a edu-tainment.

‘Anaan’ title is very interesting? Tell us more about it.

Yes. We have kept it as a hook line and the meaning of the title could be only understood after you see the film and I wouldn’t like to disclose the meaning of the film now and I wouldn’t like to reveal the story of the film as of now.

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How did you cast the actors for the film?

We needed a heroine who is a BharatNatyam dancer and Prarthana Behere is a BharatNatyam Visharad and our hero Omkar Shinde is also a good dancer and he too is well versed with BharatNatyam and our producer Hemant Bhatia liked their looks and dance ability very much and they were signed. Both have done a fabulous job in the film.

You have written the lyrics of all the songs as well. Tell us more about it.

Yes. I think I am a good poet and so ventured into lyrics writing and have written five songs for the Anaan, sung by leading singers like Sonu Nigam, Ravindra Sathe and Anandi Joshi.

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What's next?

I have two to three scripts ready and am pitching it to producers to produce my film as I have enough experience after directing my first film which was a good training ground for me.

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