Gajendra Ahire’s Marathi film ‘The Silence’ is based on a true story. The film talks about the crimes against women and children. The film stars Anjali Patil, Nagraj Manjule, Raghubir Yadav, Mugdha Chaphekar, Kadambari Kadam & Vedashree Mahajan. The Film is ready to release on 6th October 2017. Here are the extracts of the Interview with director Gajendra Ahire.

The title of your film ‘The Silence’ is interesting. What does it refer to?

It represents the people who don’t raise their voice against many issues or ills in society and how they prefer to be on the fence and one person who raises his voice against the system and breaks the silence and that is why the film is titled ‘The Silence’.

The film was complete a long time back. Why this delay in the release of the film?

We took the film to many international and national film festivals, where it won many laurels and awards and appreciation and now that the film has made a name for itself, we feel that this is the right time to release the film. The film is made mainly for international markets.

You have cast Sairat director Nagraj Manjule as a principal character in the film along with Anjali Patil? How did you cast them?

I didn’t cast Nagraj because he is the Sairat and Fandry director but because I know him for a long period and is a personal friend and I needed an intense character for my film and Nagraj fitted the bill and that’s why I cast him and Anjali Patil is a very talented artist and she wanted to work with me and hence she was casted for the film.

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Is there any scope for music in the film?

No. But the background score is composed by the popular band Indian Ocean.

Your films are generally very different from the usual genres. Is it a deliberate thing on your part?

I am a very creative person and I like to experiment with different films and different genres and hence I make these films which are different from the usual potboilers.

What next?

I have 'Kulkarni Chaukatla Deshpande' and 'Taach' coming up.

Photos: Cast of 'The Silence' at the trailer launch

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