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Marathi movies are going global these days. The unique and rooted content is attracting global audience. That’s why it has become common that many Marathi production teams and movies are seen participating in international film festivals. Half Ticket is one such movie which has a unique content.

The Half ticket team is going to Cannes Film Festival to participate and explore world of cinema. Director Samit Kakkad and producer Suresh Jaisinghani are flying to France and will participate in the festival which is from 11 May to 22 May.

While Speaking to Samit said,

“This is my Second time at Cannes. Marathi movies are getting attention internationally. There is a big market for regional cinema due to its unique content. Half Ticket’s story has got an universal appeal. Half Ticket will be showcased to the international buyers and we are proud that we will be representing Marathi cinema internationally.”

Video Palace produced Half Ticket will be distributed by Star Fox Studios India and is ready for release on 15 July 2016.

Cannes Film Festival

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