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The Sairat Lead Pair of Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru won many a hearts with their realistic and impressive acting. Both were non-actors before director Nagraj Manjule cast them in Epic Love Story Sairat. It was curious for all the fans that what these 2 do next. Akash is confirmed to play a pivotal role in Mahesh Manjrekar’s upcoming movie ‘FU’.

Director Mahesh Manjrekar has cast Akash Thosar as a lead in his upcoming film. The shooting of the movie is already started. FU is a story of 4 friends, in which Manjrekar’s son Satya is also playing a lead role.

The movie will showcase today’s young generation’s languages and lifestyle. It is interesting to know what will be Akash’s role in this movie and how this movie fare at Box Office. Time will only tell, till then let’s wait for this movie FU.

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